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*First and foremost, Be enthusiastic! This is your life! Go for it!

*If you’re looking for a new job or career change, jump right in with both feet. Your interest or lack of interest will come across loud and clear.

*Make sure you have an updated resume. A resume that reflects your skills accurately. You know what I mean (wink). You do not want to be asked about a technology or skill that you have listed on your resume that you know nothing about. Talk about sabotaging your job search.

* This is an obvious point but one worth doing. Check your resume for spelling errors or mistakes, especially your contact information, email address or phone number(s). You want to be reached.

*Make sure you sound clear & articulate on the phone. That includes your voicemail message. To be sure - avoid chewing gum, gargling or eating a sandwich while on the phone.

*To my previous point. Make sure you have a phone that is set up for voicemail. There is nothing more maddening than trying to reach a candidate to find that they do not have voicemail. It immediately shows a lack of interest in finding a new career.

If you give your job search a 100% effort. You’ll get 100% back.

Stay Tuned for more tips!


Patty Krummenacker

Director, Business Development


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