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Boolean Partners Recruitment Process 

Boolean Partners recruitment process is a framework for managing and communicating through an effective engagement with our clients. We believe an efficient recruitment process is important to both employers and the candidates. We believe diligent attention to customer service and personal communication ensures our clients receive an efficient and effective recruitment engagement.

The below steps are generally followed in every engagement with our clients:

Understanding the hiring need (requirements)

The first step may seem simple but it is the most essential step in the process. This is the handoff of client requirements, for any given position, to your recruiting partner. Those requirements usually have both tangible and intangible requirements. We start with the complete job description, preferably as the last employee who left in the position left it, NOT the description when that person took the job. It is also very helpful for our recruiter to speak directly with hiring manager to understand their own hiring preferences and key areas of focus. This information gathering process is important in Boolean Partners being able to source the best candidates possible - making the process more efficient and effective. At this stage, it is also important to make sure that you have “buy in” from everybody involved with the hiring process on the steps that will be taken and the communication channels that will be used.


Once we’ve identified exactly what you need in terms of tangible and intangible skills we then put a recruitment plan together to find what you need. This often requires access to the right candidate pools obtained from good old fashioned cold calls, referrals, resume databases and social networking sites.

Candidate Searching

Recruiting the right candidate is not a passive activity and the reason why many companies use Boolean Partners. Most often companies are in true need for a “hunter” and not a “gatherer.” Top candidates do not magically appear, they need to be found. At this point we hunt, this is what we do and we are very experienced in using the right tools and methods. Hiring authorities and even companies with internal recruiters often cannot match the expertise and connections of a search firm like Boolean Partners has by working in the trenches daily.

Identifying qualified candidates

At Boolean Partners, we focus on finding the best qualified candidate to present our clients. Anybody can find candidates but it’s the high-level candidates your competition would kill for that matter. They’re NOT everywhere and are often-passive job seekers. This is the reason why simply posting a job to a job board nets poor results attracting job shoppers, hoppers and castoffs. Leaving you with a pool of subpar or unqualified candidates. It’s important to realize the value, time and effort associated with searching for them, finding them, and identifying the best. This effort can be made more difficult if the first three steps in the process have not been adequate attention.

Recruiting of top candidates

Once we’ve identified viable candidates, they must be recruited. In other words, they must be sold on not only the opportunity, but also on the organization. Some organizations miss this important distinction. Top candidates are not just interested in a great new job, they’re interested in a great new job with a great new employer. If they like the job, but they don’t also like the employer, then they’re not going to take the job. This sales process of recruiting is a major facet of the recruitment process.

At this stage, it’s important to note the need to be socially aware. In the days before social media, negative company experiences might stay within an individual's circle of friends; now, stories of bad interviews and disappointing experiences can run quickly through social media networks like Glassdoor. Negative experiences by candidates can make hiring top talent even harder. It can be increasingly difficult for companies to contain negative publicity. The upside is that as much as bad publicity spreads more quickly, good publicity spreads more quickly as well. At Boolean Partners, we take great care in our recruiting process to make sure we represent our client’s brand always. This is equally true in how a recruiter handles a “no hire” as much as a hire. Be sure your recruiter is providing superior customer service to both client and candidate.

Candidate screening

Once we have identified qualified active and passive candidates, we actively engage them in the recruiting sales process. Screening begins with our own screening process and telephone interviews, reducing the candidate pool to only the top candidates. This is important as many initial candidates may be disqualified through the process. The phone screening serves to reduce the list to the best. We then move to present to you top candidates, this will be your first touch point with the qualified candidate pool we’ve identified. (We have 5-6 touchpoints email, phone, texting to ensure engagement on the candidate before they are ever even presented. Also, overcoming objections from candidates prior to submittal. If there are red flags - attitude/location/communication skills - regarding the candidate – they too are eliminated before they ever get submitted to the client. If you’re a great recruiter there is so much more that is done upfront that the client is unaware of.

Client presentation of selected candidates

At this stage, Boolean Partners recruiters, have hunted, screened and sold a select set of top candidates for your job requirements. We then present you with the top tier for your evaluation an acceptance into the involved stage of the interview process. 

Client Interviewing

This is a very important part of the recruitment process. It is important that the Boolean Partners recruiter and you work closely to execute this stage. Here our recruiter continues to do the hard work of schedule and execution. Being efficient at this point becomes paramount. Mismanagement of the interview process can cause it to stretch out too long. Far too often this leads to candidates finding other opportunities, feeling unengaged by the process and can lose interest. Typical interview processes have a window of about two weeks.

For this reason, it important that you and our recruiter communicate to candidates where they are in the process and what to expect in the near term or they will start looking elsewhere. This is a danger with top candidates, since they are more likely to be interviewing with more than one organization.

Unlike other stages candidates will expect reasonable decision making and delays have predictably dire consequences.

Offer of employment

The offer stage is one of the most delicate stages in our recruiting process. We can never take for granted that a candidate is going to accept an offer. That’s said our adherence to a solid recruiting process should greatly increase the likelihood you will land your top choice. Boolean Partners will work with the hiring manager to extend the offer and help that manager in the negotiation process. The candidate will expect Boolean Partners to also act on his/her behalf. With good communication and upfront planning done all parties should be in a very good position to meet all requirements for a successful hire.

Hiring the candidate

Once a candidate does accept the offer of employment official hire can be made.  In some cases, not every offer of employment is accepted. If a top candidate rejects an offer, we may extend the offer to your second-choice candidate.  Only upon final acceptance and agreement do we release the candidate pool. At Boolean Partners, we will make sure the no-hire candidates experience is a positive one. Too often agencies are quick to move on, practicing poor candidate care and negatively impact your brand. 

Candidate Onboarding

Millennials have officially surpassed Generation X as to the largest pool of worker in the work place. These workers are highly mobile so it’s important to retain those candidates after you’ve hired them. A comprehensive onboarding process is perhaps the most crucial step in the recruiting process. When we refer to onboarding, we’re talking about more than just new employee paperwork and knowing where the bathrooms are located. We’re talking about continuing to make the candidate/new employee feel wanted before they officially join the organization. Many recruiting companies fail to do that, you would not want to find that your new employee never shows up for their first day of work.

One of the best ways to ensure effective hiring is to speed up the recruitment process. By using and adhering to the process above we can present high-quality candidates, helping you make decisions easier and quicker - saving time and energy during the process. This will allow for a better experience for your new hires as well. The rest is up to you.


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